Things haven’t always been so idyllic at the ranch. In 2000, a fire destroyed the manuscript of Novak’s nearly completed autobiography. She also lost all of her memorabilia, including letters from and, jewelry, and posters of her films and photos. The focus is always on the direct subject matter, you won’t see a background in this work. The focus of this work is the figure and interactions happening between these figures. For me the material world outside of their bodies is unimportant in the context of these drawings.”.

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Whether something is complicated or simple depends on the level of awareness that the person perceiving it has. To the one who has better understanding, the complex is simple. The secret to understanding everything in a simple way is to get to the essence of things and see how they fit into the bigger picture of all things.

Siracusa/Eustis Kristen Melissa Siracusa and Robert Moseley Eustis were married Oct. 1, 2016 on the steps of the Hannum House, Skaneateles, NY with Kathleen Audlin, aunt of the bride officiating. The bride is the daughter of Tony and Maureen Siracusa of Auburn, NY.

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